Surescripts Talking Points

Quality Program – White Coat

  • The Surescripts White Coat of Quality is a critical part of Surescripts overall quality program.
  • The White Coat recognizes organizations that uphold the highest standards of clinical quality in e-prescribing.
  • In 2011, the criteria for earning a White Coat requires the applicant to:


  • Provide a signed commitment from company leadership affirming their organization’s commitment to quality.
  • Measure quality metrics as specified in the published industry guidelines and report those metrics to Surescripts.
  • Implement changes to software that address issues identified in quality reporting. Take steps to eliminate any issues measured in #2 above.
  • Raise prescriber awareness through education and training.


“As the use of e-prescribing continues to grow, electronic health record and e-prescribing technology vendors continue to benefit from the knowledge that comes from Superscripts’ pharmacists, clinicians, technologists and quality experts conducting clinical quality reviews on millions of electronic prescription messages – all while protecting the privacy of the personal health information,” said David Yakimischak, chief quality officer at Surescripts. “Surescripts White Coat of Quality recognizes those vendors that have embraced that knowledge and are using it to improve their technology and train their prescribers. These vendors are not simply replacing handwritten prescriptions with e-prescriptions, they are seizing the opportunity to learn and apply continuous improvements to prescription accuracy, completeness and safety.”

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Who created it?

The Heal Metrics EMR software application has been designed, developed and brought to market by a team of WoundCare clinical professionals and Health IT professionals. Please see the Advisory Board and Executive Team pages under the About Us link on top.

What is The Heal Metrics?

The Heal Metrics is a state of the art Electronic Medical records or EMR software application designed specifically for WoundCare and Hyperbaric medicine centers and practices.